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An extraordinary

limited edition of 88

88 Black Diamond Model B Steinways

The black diamond limited edition’s pristine silhouette and sonorous tonality is the perfect match for an incomparable pianist who musically expresses the inexpressible. Dakota Jackson, the award-winning designer of this Steinway Limited Edition, takes inspiration from the theory that black diamonds are extraterrestrial in origin — the result of an exploding supernova. Jackson views the black diamond’s brilliance and rarity as simpatico with the genius and spirit of virtuoso steinway artist Lang Lang.

“I believe that the Black Diamond is the visual expression of infinite possibilty.”

—Dakota Jackson


The Black Diamond an exquisite work of art

Every diamond is categorized according to four distinct properties: color, carat, cut and clarity. Black diamonds, with their extraordinary origins, are the rarest — and most prized.

“The Black Diamond has not only the look — but the sound, the emotion, the touch.”

Lang Lang

Lang Lang Black Diamond

Steinway Spirio | r

Every black diamond comes equipped as a revolutionary Spirio | r, the world’s finest high resolution player piano capable of live performance capture and high resolution recording and playback, giving life to your Steinway with performances from the world’s greatest pianists in a constantly updated and growing library. A revolutionary blend of artistry, craftsmanship, and technology, Spirio | provides new tools of expression and new ways to access, share, and experience performance.

The black diamond features a Limited Edition Spirio Playlist. Recorded by Lang Lang, this exclusive playlist is only available only a black diamond. 

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