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A Mid-Century Masterpiece

The Teague Sketch 1111 limited edition

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After months of anticipation, The Teague Sketch 1111 is here! This limited edition, mid-century masterpiece was designed to commemorate Steinway's 100th anniversary. It is currently available in Satin Ebony finish. Walnut and Ebony Polish finishes will be coming soon.

Fields Pianos is pleased to offer The Teague Sketch 1111, a masterpiece of mid-century modernism and a celebration of the Centenary Steinway, designed by American industrial designer and architect Walter Dorwin Teague to commemorate Steinway’s 100th anniversary in 1953.

Coined by Cara Greenburg in her seminal book Mid-Century Modern: Furniture of the 1950s, the moniker’s clean lines evoke the post–World War II landscape, spanning architecture, furniture and technology — prizing function and rejecting embellishment. Pops of color and a connection with nature round out the aesthetic.

Form and function

Simple and sophisticated, The Teague Sketch 1111 comes with a simplified case, tapered legs, tailored arms, and subtle brass ferrule accents. Available as a model M (the Steinway “studio grand”), The Teague Sketch 1111 is a natural fit in mid-century styled homes and in contemporary styled décors.

The Teague Sketch 1111 is also a Steinway & Sons Spirio, the world’s finest high resolution player piano. A masterpiece of mid-century modernism and modern engineering in your home, Spirio enables you to enjoy performances captured by great pianists — played with such nuance, power and passion that it is utterly indistinguishable from a live performance.

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