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Lunar New Year


January 14-22, 2023

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Fields Pianos is celebrating Lunar New Year with significant savings on the world’s finest piano! This is a special, once in a lifetime sales event, offering a red envelope with amazing cash value towards a new Steinway or Steinway Spirio or Spirio | r. These Steinway pianos are direct from the Steinway factory in Astoria. Steinway & Sons is the piano of choice for 98% of world’s concert pianos.

This sale is by appointment only.

施坦威钢琴Fields Pianos原厂展示厅为庆祝2022农历新年,将为您展示世界上最好的施坦威钢琴并推出特价优惠活动! 这是一生只有一次,具有特别意义的促销活动。施坦威将提供具有惊人现金价值的红包用于购买新的施坦威钢琴。 所有这些施坦威钢琴全部直接来自于纽约的施坦威工厂。 施坦威钢琴(Steinway&Sons)是全球98%的音乐会钢琴的首选之琴。


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