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The Fields Pianos Rent-To-Own program puts new Steinway-designed Boston and Essex grand and upright pianos well within your reach, with rental prices starting at just $55 per month.*

  • The Boston line, available in a wide range of sizes and finishes, is unrivaled in its class and unmatched in value. Built with the Steinway Model A wide-tail design to allow substantially more soundboard area than other pianos of the same length, the Boston has a unique and powerful sound that has been impressing performers and audiences alike for more than two decades.
  • The Essex line, also available in a range of styles and finishes, incorporates contemporary design specifications and a variety of Steinway-patented features, all at an entry-level price point. Essex pianos are perfect for the beginner or for piano schools and studios.

Still on the fence about buying or renting? Our flexible Rent-T0-Own program offers you the option to rent a new Boston or Essex grand or upright piano and receive credit for up to twelve rental payments toward the purchase price of your piano. You also have the option to apply your rental credit towards the purchase of a different piano in stock should you decide to upgrade during the rental term.** The piano rental will include a bench and in-store tuning prior to delivery.

Or call our store and speak with one of our selection professionals at 714.662.2117


*Subject to credit approval. Not including delivery charges and applicable taxes. Price quote is for Essex 108C upright; other model prices will vary. Twelve months limited time rental offer.

**Additional delivery fees will apply.



Event Rentals

The Fields Pianos Event Rental Division specializes in finding just the right instrument and fulfilling the requirements of its clients to the highest level of customer satisfaction. Our short term rentals can supply you the perfect pianos to make your special events complete. Whether it’s one day, one week, or one month, we will assist you in picking the perfect piano for your occasion.

Or call Diana in our Rental Department at 714.662.2117 (ext. 112) and she can assist you with questions and scheduling.