QRS Player Systems

All of QRS's PNOmation Player Piano Systems are designed to complement the life of your piano. Since you will more than likely own the piano for a long time or want to sell it at a reasonable value you'll want to know that the player inside complements its life. QRS's PNOmation is the only system that since its introduction has been offering a migration path to the latest technology. Its use of the finest components allows the customer the confidence to move forward with an upgrade with knowledge that the rest of the system remains solid. QRS's use of longer fully encased solenoids with Teflon impregnated solenoid plungers delivers much more accurate control over the range of motion. They also resist corrosion and are self-lubricating.

Controller technology traditionally has referred to the Box that hangs on the piano where you insert your media. But after all, who wants a box hanging under their grand piano? QRS has seen the writing on the wall for some time now and completely migrated to an embedded web app system. No hiccups in playback, easy to navigate, easy to control all aspects of your player system - with a simple touch screen user interface. No reliance on a network connection to the outside world and instant purchases of your content. Any Wi-Fi enabled device will control your piano. Really, it's that simple!

The music library should be a huge factor in your buying decision. It is not only the quantity of music but most importantly the quality, artists and variety. QRS has been in the player piano content business for over 112 years and they have the largest and most famous player piano music library in the world. They also have patented music technologies that ensure their leadership well into the next 20 years. Their QRS SyncAlong technologies allow your piano to play along with the popular music you love today in audio or video form.There truly is something for everyone with music available in virtually every genre and time period. To see a list of complimentary music that comes complimentary with your QRS system, click the link below.

PNOmation II Included Music

The PNOmation II Playback Bundle

  • Includes all you need to have your piano play itself
  • PNOmation Playback Engine, Controller and Processor
  • Speaker for background music
  • WiFi interface for network integration or stand-alone mode
  • Pin Light Port Extension (PLX) - Status, I/O Ports, USB, Headphones, Mic or Laptop
  • Voice Prompt feedback
  • IR Remote
  • SingAlong

The PNOmation II Playback & Record Bundle

  • Includes the Playback Bundle
  • PNOscan II sensors and integrations
  • Record, Playback, Perform, Save and Practice
  • WPNOcloud auto record, auto save and auto upload feature set
  • Practice and Perform

The PNOmation II Playback, Record, & Practice Bundle

  • Includes the Playback & Record Bundles
  • Key Stop Rail for practicing in silence
  • Headphones
  • Practice in Silence Capabilities