Custom Steinway Pianos

Special Editions

The Sterling Steinway

When Steinway & Sons was founded in 1853, the standard hardware found on pianos was nickel – a trend that continued through the 1920s. In 1928, following design trends of the day, the hardware on Steinway pianos was switched to brass, which has been the standard since. Now, Steinway & Sons offers a piano style that is both modern and a throw-back – the Sterling Steinway. Featuring beautiful nickel hardware and a silver cast-iron plate, as well as a high-polish polyester finish, these stylish pianos combine the ultimate in modern design with the unmistakable Steinway Sound.

Limited Editions

Arabesque Series

In honor of Steinway’s 160th anniversary, the stunning Arabesque is their latest collaboration with renowned furniture designer Dakota Jackson. Watch the video below to see the unique and innovative design approach to this Limited Edition.

"The Arabesque Piano combines the grace of the classical dancer and the intertwining motif witnessed in Moorish design – sound in movement.

The physical presence of the Arabesque was a direct link to what I initially composed in my thoughts. It was a thought dream coming alive."
-Dakota Jackson

John Lennon "Imagine" Series

To commemorate the 70th birthday of a true creative genius — legendary musician and songwriter John Lennon—Steinway & Sons proudly introduced the “Imagine Series” Limited Edition piano.

The music desk of each piano incorporates one of seven different John Lennon original drawings. Come Together, the title of the opening track on the Beatles' historic album, "Abbey Road," reflects John Lennon's desire to bring people together. Grand Piano (No Longer Available) is a drawing that captures the songwriting process — as musician and piano become one. Freda People exemplifies John Lennon's passion for using music for the benefit of mankind. Self Portrait (No Longer Available) is perhaps John Lennon's most famous drawing — despite the simplicity, it's unmistakably John. Borrowed Time includes a sketch of an upright piano, such as the legendary Steinway on which Lennon composed "Imagine." Frog Pondering perfectly demonstrates a blend of the creative and playful sides of Lennon. In Power to the People, we see a combination of Lennon's love for freedom, as well as of New York, with his rendition of the Statue of Liberty in New York Harbor.


The soundboard of every Imagine piano is graced by a full color decal, also based on a drawing from John Lennon. A line of the lyrics that changed the world grace the bass side of the inner rim, in clear view when the piano lid is open. On the treble side of the fallboard, John Lennon's signature can inspire you to Imagine the possibilities—both in music and in life.

"Come Together"

"Freda People"

"Borrowed Time"

"Frog Pondering"

"Power to the People"

The soundboard of every Imagine piano is graced by a full color decal, also based on a drawing from John Lennon. A line of the lyrics that changed the world grace the bass side of the inner rim, in clear view when the piano lid is open. On the treble side of the fallboard, John Lennon's signature can inspire you to Imagine the possibilities—both in music and in life.

Each Imagine Series piano is a unique work of art, with a medallion including John Lennon's Japanese signature as well as the series name and number. Adorning the cast-iron plate, in the area of the piano where this melody can come to life, are the opening bars to “Imagine.”

125th Anniversary

In 2005, to celebrate the founding of the Hamburg Steinway factory 125 years earlier, Count Albrecht von Goertz designed a special anniversary grand piano, an instrument notable for its elegant simplicity. Count Goertz is the legendary designer of the BMW 507, considered by many to be the world’s most beautiful sports car. True to his design principles, Count Goertz, chose to retain the classic Steinway black finish, focusing instead on endowing various components with the sleek lines for which he is renowned. The result was a timeless design with a hint of sensuality. Not one to tamper with the perfection of the Steinway’s iconic shape, Count Goertz decided to accentuate the finish, creating a dynamic interplay between contrasting satin and highly polished surfaces. By focusing on the essentials, Count Goertz’s 125th Anniversary Limited Edition Grand Piano, this very special Model A-188, is remarkably elegant and beautiful.

Custom Pianos

The Custom Piano Department at Steinway & Sons allows you to create your own unique design and own a one-of-a-kind piano. Whether that means a few subtle embellishments or an eye-catching statement, they invite you to add your personal touch. Below are a few examples of what’s possible in the wonderful world of custom Steinway pianos.


From prized rare hardwoods to shimmering gemstones, or mother of pearl, inlay can create wide ranging effects in any style. Whimsical and feminine or clean contemporary lines, subtle details or bold statements sit seamlessly in a mirror smooth finish.

Intricate inlay work featuring mother of pearl, abalone, and other special stones and materials create a delicate and colorful array of butterflies.

Elegant, clean lines of inlaid mother of pearl band wrap around this highly polished case, framed in pinstripes, creating a sleek, contemporary feel.


From a striking abstract from the Lynx Special Collection, to a delicate garland of roses encircling the case, or a family portrait on the music desk, the possibilities are endless.

A warm copper grid sets the background for cerulean blue and violet abstracted chandeliers. Inspired by Pachbel's 'Canon in D', this beautifully balanced composition is soothing and luminous.

Named for the famous music piece, Clair de Lune by Debussy, this beautifully balanced abstract painting adorns the underside of the lid and the music desk in a softly celestial palette.

Twenty-two karat gold leaf bow and floral swags adorn this striking piano. The Satin Ebony finish offers a complimentary contrast to the lustrous gold applications.


A family crest passed through generations, a meaningful 
symbol, or a newly designed custom monogram can leave a personal mark on a special creation.

Whether a simple set of initials or a custom designed monogram, applied to the case, the lid or the music desk, you can personalize your piano in any way you choose.

A family crest can be applied to the case, lid or music desk, and may offer tribute and celebration of your heritage.

A portrait applied to the case, music desk, or lid can personalize your Steinway with lasting memories of a place, life event, or simply a moment in time.

Color and Specialty Finishes

A rainbow spectrum of colors and finishing techniques may be added to selected areas for an eye-catching pop or to an entire piano. Specialty finishes such as Lynx’s Onyx can add artistic texture, a metallic flake can lend a touch of sparkle, or crystal application can make a big statement.

Vibrant red accents breathe character into this ebony grand piano. The simple addition of color on the lid, music deck, fallboard and top stick offers a transformation from classic to contemporary.

Inspired by Tchaikovsky's immortal Swan Lake, delicate feathered strokes of the artist's brush are at once subtle and dramatic, seemingly dancing across the surface as they catch the light.

Silver metallic flakes give this elegant finish a touch of sparkle, complimented by nickel hardware and a silver plate. A crystal embellishment in the Steinway logo completes this glamorous look.

To learn more about the endless possibilities of building your own custom Steinway piano, or to inquire about availability of one of the Limited Edition Steinway pianos, please call our store to speak with one of our knowledgeable representatives.